Chef Oscar Diaz of Jose and Sons: Cooking with Crank Arm Beer

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2014 is turning out to be an exciting year for Beltline Brew Tours! The Raleigh #2 tour is the latest addition and boasts three downtown Raleigh breweries that you will visit in four hours. This new tour includes beer samples and tours at Natty Greene’s, Raleigh Brewing Company and Crank Arm Brewing.

In honor of the newest Raleigh tour, Chef Oscar Diaz of Jose and Sons has shared a recipe using Crank Arm beer. Jose and Sons is located a few doors down from Crank Arm Brewing in the Warehouse District. Chef Oscar’s Fire and Ash Chili is perfect for a cold day. Hopefully, this will warm you up as Raleigh is hit with snow and ice from Winter Storm Pax!

Chef Oscar Diaz

Chef Oscar’s Fire and Ash Chili

1 lb lamb merguez
2 bunches of scallions
1 red bell pepper
1 green pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 poblano
5 garlic cloves
2 cups fire roasted tomatoes
2 T cumin
1 T black pepper
1 tspn oregano
6 tomatillos
1 habanero
1 Cup of your favorite beer (Crank Arm Brewing recommended)
1/2 Cup of corn kernels
1 Cup black beans

Place scallions over open flame until they are burnt (literally). Next char the tomatillos and habanero. Once these three ingredients are burnt and charred pulse them in a blender and set apart. Next roast all the bell peppers and poblano. Cover with a towel and let steam a bit. Peel, chop and set them aside.

Next take lamb sausage out of its casing and rough chop. Mince garlic and set pan to heat up. Place a bit of oil and throw in garlic. Stir for about thirty seconds then toss in merguez. Let cook for about 6 minutes under medium heat. Add in cumin, black pepper, and oregano then stir for 20 seconds. Now add in your Crank Arm Brewing beer and let reduce by half. At this point add in fire roasted tomatoes, the pureed tomatillo-onion-habanero “ash,” corn, black beans, and roasted peppers.

Add salt and let simmer over low heat.

Garnish with queso fresco, crema (light sour cream) and cilantro.

Chef notes: if you do not want spicy, omit habanero. And if you want to thicken, make a slurry using masa (cold water and masa flour). Slowly stir in until consistency is achieved. Salud!

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