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Beltline Brew Tours recently formed a new partnership with Top of the Hill Restaurant, Brewery and Distillery. Beltline Brew Tours is currently offering private tours and if you are interested, please visit the “Contact Beltline Brew Tours” page on the website. Beltline Brew Tours is also working on offering public tours, which will be available in 2015. In honor of this new partnership with TOPO’s organic distillery located in Chapel Hill, TOPO has shared a recipe with us created using whiskey from the distillery.

TOPO Eight Oak Carolina Whiskey will be available starting next month and is aged with eight unique combinations of oaks, toasts and chars. It is a smooth and robust whiskey, with flavor notes simply unattainable from traditional single barrel aging techniques. Distilled from soft red winter wheat that is harvested less than 100 miles from TOPO’s distillery, this small batch whiskey is truly handcrafted grain to glass. Eight Oak is TOPO’s effort to balance their respect for tradition with their generational responsibility to advance the craft of making whiskey.

Whiskey Wonder is crafted using TOPO Eight Oak Whiskey and the recipe is below for you to enjoy.

Whiskey Wonder

Whiskey Wonder

2 1/2 oz TOPO Eight Oak Whiskey
1/2 oz Brown Sugar Ginger Simple Syrup*
1 oz cranberry juice
1 oz club soda to top off (or to taste preference)
Garnish with Ginger Stick

*To make Brown Sugar Ginger Simple Syrup, dissolve 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar into 1 cup water. Add four slices of fresh ginger root. Bring to a rolling boil for ten minutes. Stir continually until mixture is thick and aromatic. Let sit until cool. Strain out ginger and store in the fridge.

Combine TOPO Eight Oak Whiskey, simple syrup and cranberry juice with ice in a shaker. Shake until very cold. Strain into a rocks glass. Add club soda and garnish with a ginger stick. Add an ice ball (use a silicone ice mold) to keep drink cold for a long period to time.


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